Silhouette Soft – redefining your patients’ facial shape

The reabsorbable suture, with its principal component of Poly L-lactic acid, has a dual action;

  1. It enables effective tissue repositioning due to the anchoring of the suture’s small cones
  2. It promotes tissue regeneration due to collagen stimulation.

To maximise your results, it’s best to use the appropriate number of suspension sutures per patient.

There are four Silhouette Soft protocols for the number of sutures, cones and patterns which depend on the patient’s facial shape and requirements.


Following treatment, 83% of patients surveyed found Silhouette Soft to be an effective treatment for improving age-related change.*

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*These results came from a Silhouette Instalift study.

 Silhouette Instalift is a similar product to Silhouette Soft®.

1: J. W. Few. Rejuvenating the face: An Analysis of 100 Absorbable Suture Suspension Patients. Aesthetic Surgery Journal 2017, 1–10.