Sinclair Pharma increases shelf life of Silhouette Soft sutures by 50%

From this month all new Silhouette Soft sutures will have an 18-month shelf life (from production to expiry date). This extends their longevity from 12 months, which is an increase of 50%. 

All packs of Silhouette Soft (8, 12, and 16 cone lengths) with the new 18-month shelf life will be dispatched to affiliates and partners immediately as previous 12 month stocks run low, and Sinclair Pharma expects that the supply chain will receive the 18-month stocks of all SKUs in approximately 4 to 6 weeks. The first batch released with the 18-month shelf life will be: Lot 369

Silhouette Soft Trainer Dr Victoria Manning commented: “By increasing the viability of Silhouette Soft by 50% doctors will be able to order – and keep more Silhouette Soft sutures in stock - safe in the knowledge that they won’t expire before they can be used.  From a business perspective this means that prospective patients won’t need to return to the clinic for a second appointment while the doctor waits for a fresh consignment of sutures to be despatched.”

According to Simon Ofei of Sinclair Pharma “I am delighted that our developers have achieved an extended shelf life for Silhouette Soft sutures.  This will mean that more of our customers will be able to hold Silhouette Soft stock without the worry of the sutures expiring.  It also demonstrates Sinclair Pharma’s ongoing commitment improving the customer experience with our portfolio of products.”

Doctors are advised to speak to their Territory Manager or Silhouette Soft wholesaler for more information.