“Skinxiety” phenomenon coined by
BCAM president Dr Uliana Gout

Dr Uliana Gout, British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) president and Aesthetic Medicine editorial board member, has suggested that “skinxiety” is a new worldwide phenomenon.

Dr Gout coined the term, which refers to people’s anxiety about their appearance caused by pandemic-related issues such as “maskne” and “Zoom face”, to highlight the problems that she and other global aesthetic clinicians are seeing in their clinics as restrictions are lifted.

Dr Gout said: “The past year has been tough for everyone for many reasons and in clinics we’ve seen a real surge of patients who have serious concerns about their skin. Worries about open pores, congestion, spots, blemishes, and pigmentation are significantly affecting their wellbeing and in turn they are seeking professional help. This is a welcoming sign for our specialty as we have long been advocating the public to seek medical advice when it comes to looking after the biggest organ in our body – the skin.

“Skinxiety is a new phenomenon, it’s not something we’ve seen to this extent before and there’s a direct correlation between patients’ concerns about their skin and the pandemic,” she added.

Dr Gout took over as president of BCAM just before the pandemic hit. Since then, much of the college’s work has been focused on supporting its 400 members through a challenging time by working closely with the Department of Health and Social Care and key stakeholders within the UK industry. In addition, BCAM launched its 20th Anniversary Mindfulness and Wellbeing Initiative to support members with their holistic wellbeing and mental health.

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