Electromagnetic energy vs toxins

Published 13th May 2024 by PB Admin

In today's world, where everyone desires to maintain a youthful appearance, toxin injections have grown popular as a means of reversing the signs of ageing or even preventing them.

However, is it truly the best solution available? Electromagnetic Energy technology, utilised in devices such as the 3D EMlift from 3D Aesthetics, provides a compelling alternative worth looking into.

3D EMlift is an advanced facial device that combines cutting-edge technologies that are proven to deliver impressive facial rejuvenation and anti-ageing results. This innovative system utilises High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy combined with Radio Frequency (RF) to remodel and contour the face and tighten the skin.

High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy selectively engages the muscles, enhancing muscle density and quality, restoring, and elevating the support of facial features. Radio Frequency technology effectively increases the stimulation of collagen production and elastin fibres through dermal heating. This process results in smoother and more youthful-looking skin.

Renowned experts in the field, including Dr Abs Settipalli and Dr Jonquille Chantrey, have highlighted the effectiveness of 3D EMlift technology. Their knowledge and experience emphasise its significance in clinical settings and its potential as a toxin-free alternative.

Dr Settipalli promotes the need for a holistic approach to anti-ageing and expressed his reservations on the overreliance on botulinum toxin, saying: “The first response to a patient wanting to have anti-ageing treatment or look better should not be a toxin.”

He believes that repeated and inappropriate use of botulinum toxins can have adverse effects, citing independent studies. He shares evidence of the negative consequences of toxin injections on skin quality, showcasing data that demonstrated deterioration in elasticity and firmness.

“What it actually showed us was that the elasticity and things like firmness completely deteriorate afterwards. Now, you may get some reduction of wrinkles and lines, I’m not saying you won’t, we’ve all seen the effects of botulinum toxin, but repeated and inappropriate use shows that these are the negative consequences,” said Dr Settipalli, who argued for a shift towards non-invasive technologies that focus on improving skin quality rather than solely targeting muscular movement.

“If you reach for technologies like 3D EMlift, you enhance the quality of skin; you improve tissues as early as possible. There is no need to go for botulinum toxin because movement is not necessarily what causes wrinkles.” He added, “I was behind the [3D EMlift] trial to find the data as to what it does to our skin, especially relative to things like toxin. What we found was that it makes the skin much, much firmer, very, very quickly, which is the opposite of what we see with toxin when compared to previous data.”

The clinical trial results showcased significant improvements, including:

• 100% firmer skin

• 94% visible lift

• 94% fewer wrinkles

• 82% increase in muscle tone, with immediate changes observed.

“The point of this study is to realise that you shouldn’t jump to injectables every single time, and there’s much more to it. Combination therapy is key, especially using technology like the 3D EMlift,” added Dr Settipalli.

To learn more about 3D EMlift and 3D Aesthetics’ offers, click here or call 01788 550440.

This is a sponsored story in association with 3D Aesthetics.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 13th May 2024

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