What are the benefits of introducing manual stimulation into your clinic?

Published 21st Aug 2023 by PB Admin

Mr Yannis Alexandrides is the founder and medical director of 111 Harley Street, where he specialises in plastic surgery. He offers LPG endermologie technique to help with pre-and-post-operative care and as a holistic treatment for cellulite.

AD: What did you feel that introducing LPG added to your offering?

YA: Flexibility, better care for my patients. Before having LPG, I often would tell them: ‘Go there, have LPG’. For me, it became a necessity that, in order to get the best results after liposuction and body shaping procedures, you need to have lymphatic drainage. A lot of the problems that some people encounter are because of poor post-operative care. So, it became part of the service to give my patients that excellent level of results.

AD: What is the advantage of having a device that can be used for a variety of treatments?

YA: It's a clear advantage to have a machine that does different body parts, such as the face, where I perform most of my operations, but also the body, where it has been established for a longer time. It's very useful in treating post-operative oedema and swelling, treating cellulite, but also preparing patients for surgery. We have found that using the treatment before surgery gives a quicker recovery.

AD: Can you give us a short case study of someone you treated using LPG, and how it worked?

YA: It’s especially interesting now that I use LPG for facial procedures. I have a patient that I started treating with LPG for approximately a month before having a facelift. It improved the overall quality of the skin, reduced oedema, and then we continued in the postoperative period as well. So, that combined with LED has given some excellent results, quicker than the average.

AD: So, you use endermologie in combination with other treatments?

YA: LED is one of my favourite treatments with LPG. We also have a new addition, a laser device which is excellent for scars. It's a treatment we can start implementing as soon as seven days after surgery.

AD: What advice would you give to a practitioner that's considering introducing LPG into their practice?

YA: I think it's an excellent idea. It requires some logistics, I'm not the one doing the LPG here, so they will have to do the maths about the practice and how it fits in. However, if they can, it's an excellent addition. It's something that will increase patient satisfaction, and client retention because it's something that allows patients to come back to the clinic, rather than just evaporating after a treatment.

AD: Have you found that it's helped with the footfall of people coming into your clinic?

YA: I think what it has done, it has improved overall patient satisfaction. I would probably guess that it has increased footfall because instead of having a patient who, let's say, has liposuction. You see him once or twice for postoperative follow-ups. You see these faces at least 12 times in the clinic to do LPG. So, mathematically makes sense that the footfall has increased.

AD: How much do you charge for an LPG treatment, and how long did it take you to return on your investments in LPG devices?

YA: Treatments start at £200 per session. We are a very busy clinic, and the LPG technology spans both our Surgical and Non-Surgical patients for a variety of treatments which allowed us to recoup our investment very quickly.

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 21st Aug 2023

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