BTL Aesthetics announces blue star awards winners

BTL: Aesthetics awards BTL Aesthetics has shone a spotlight on UK clinics with particularly impressive case study results as it presented the winners of its Blue Star Awards.

Following the BTL Exilis Elite Masterclass last Autumn, clinics across the UK were invited to submit a case study to showcase the results of their treatments for either face or body.

Dr Nyla Raja Medi-spa was amongst the winners and picked up the award for BTL Exilis Elite Best Face Treatment for 2017, having carried out over 35,000 BTL Exilis Elite treatments at her Wilmslow clinic in the last eighteen months.

Dr Nyla explains that “Exilis Elite by BTL Aesthetics uses radio frequency to gently heat the dermis and cause new collagen growth deep within the dermal layer.

“BTL Exilis Elite is one of our most popular treatments and we welcome hundreds of clients each week to our clinic as word spreads about the results that it can offer.

“As we get older our skin ages and we lose tone and elasticity and hence, when we do injectable treatments we need to be aware that the skin needs to support these structures to make them look a natural part of the face.

“If, instead, you can increase the elasticity to tighten the skin first and improve collagenesis in the skin, you can then use Botox and filler to contour the face for a brighter, tighter skin and a more youthful appearance.

“I am delighted that our team has been recognised with this award.”

The competition was judged by the accuracy and detail of the case study notes and record keeping, the photographs, the end results and their explanation on why they used particular protocols on their patient. 

Tracey Barry, Clinical Practitioner at Dr Haus Dermatology was “delighted” to have won ‘Exilis Elite Best Body Treatment 2017’. She commented: “Working with the BTL Aesthetics devices is of particular interest to me, as results can be instant and can have a huge impact on the patient, both immediately and long term.   

“I’m so pleased to have been recognised with this award and look forward to continuing to work closely with BTL Aesthetics to achieve excellent results for our patients”. 

Dr Haus Dermatology also received the accolade of ‘Best Treatment Provider’ and, as overall winners, have secured a team trip to BTL Aesthetics’ Head Office in Prague where they will tour the BTL Head Office and receive training with Global Clinical Director for BTL Aesthetics Tomas Boleslavsky.Dr Ariel Haus commented: “We are so happy to have been recognised by BTL Aesthetics.  BTL Aesthetics with their tried and trusted reputation and technology that provides great results for patients, is a valuable partner in our industry”.

“Visiting the head office will no doubt prove informative to our team, enabling us to learn more about the innovation behind the treatments and help us to ensure we continue to offer patients the best possible results.”

Lee Boulderstone, Managing Director of BTL Aesthetics UK presented the awards and commented: “We’re so very proud of the technology which has been developed over several years. Our team has worked tirelessly to successfully produce such innovation but ultimately our success is testament to the doctors and clinicians who use our devices to achieve phenomenal results for their patients. These awards offer formal recognition, putting them in the spotlight and celebrating the tangible results that can be achieved with the devices.”

Winners of each category:

Exilis Elite Best Face Treatment 2017

Olivia Greenway at Dr Nyla Raja Wilmslow Medispa

Exilis Elite Best Body Treatment 2017

Tracey Barry at Dr Ariel Haus Dermatology

Overall Winner: Exilis Elite Best Treatment Provider 2017  

Dr Haus Dermatology