Foundation will support LGBTQ+ patients seeking aesthetic and well-being services

Dr Vincent Wong and Dr Sunni Patel have joined forces to set up a new non-profit foundation – the #IAMME Living Foundation – to promote the needs of LGBTQ+ patients from both an aesthetic and well-being perspective. 

The foundation, which will officially launch in September, will work to raise awareness of the challenges the LBGTQ+ community face, including discrimination, bullying and body and gender dysphoria, as well as to support the community holistically with gut health, mental health and non-surgical facial aesthetics. This will include providing access to facial masculinisation and feminisation procedures. 

Dr Wong said, “As a cosmetic doctor, I truly believe that there is scope to elevate the industry beyond anti-ageing and prejuvenation indications. For me, facial aesthetics is about matching someone’s outer appearance to how they feel and identify themselves on the inside, regardless of age, gender, sexuality and skin colour.”

Dr Patel added, “We know that awareness, education and access are barriers to sustainable health outcomes in the queer community, and the #IAMME Living Foundation aims to bring multidisciplinary care where it is most needed and of value.”

Here, Dr Vincent Wong shares his injectable work on three contestants from season 2 of Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK, and explains some of the special considerations when treating this part of the LGBTQ+ community.