Croma-Pharma introduces its newest injectable polynucleotide, PhilArt

Published 18th Apr 2023 by PB Admin

Croma (Croma-Pharma® GmbH), a leading manufacturer of premium quality hyaluronic acid syringes and a global player in the minimally invasive aesthetics market, has expanded its comprehensive portfolio with the launch of PhilArt, a complete series of injectable skin boosters.

PhilArt is an injectable gel consisting of long-chain polynucleotides (PN) that improves skin quality3,5, enhancing radiance through rejuvenation, restoring the skin’s elasticity, promoting hydration4,7 and scavenging free radicals2, building an optimal environment for the growth of fibroblasts,3,4 and promote the production of new collagen2 and elastin fibres, stimulating the body’s cell regeneration.

PhilArt polynucleotides are supported by extensive clinical data, based on more than 70 years of research and more than 100 published studies.

The line of injectables is suitable for all skin types and age groups and it will optimise the outcomes of further aesthetic treatments.4 The applications range from the face, scalp, eyebrow and neck to décolletage and hands, giving more radiant and rejuvenated skin. It also can be used to revive the delicate area around the eyes and promotes hair growth for the scalp and eyebrow.8 PhilArt can also be used to treat more mature, damaged skin and for the remodelling of stretch marks and depressed scars.7

To find out more, join Croma on May 13 in London for a full day of CPD-approved, peer-to-peer learning, patient case studies, and innovative solutions for skin rejuvenation from lifting and volumising, as well as sharing new data and showcasing new product launches. 

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The medical practitioner confirms having informed the patient of a likely risk associated with the use of the medical device in line with its intended use. For risks and adverse events associated with the use of the product, consult the instructions for use.


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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 18th Apr 2023

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