Dr Patrick Treacy is launching an online knowledge hub

Published 23rd Nov 2023 by PB Admin

Aesthetic medicine expert and owner of Ailesbury Clinic, Dr Patrick Treacy, has just launched a new group on Linkedin about aesthetic medicine.

The knowledge hub will demystify the world of aesthetic treatments for a global medical audience. It is centred around his book 'Aesthetic Complications and One Hundred Interesting Cases.'

The focus of the website is to provide widespread education. Dr Treacy will utilise the platform to disseminate information, updates, or announcements, such as innovative treatments, forthcoming events, and books he's authored, complete with links to purchase and details about the publishers.

While his practice is in Ireland, the website will be worldwide. It will also be a place to cultivate an online community, fostering engagement through blog posts, integrated social media, and newsletters.

"The internet allows us to connect with people everywhere. This website is my way of giving back and sharing what I've learned," shares Dr Treacy. He envisions the platform as a welcoming space where individuals, irrespective of age or background, can acquire valuable insights into aesthetic medicine.

Dr Treacy aims to unravel the often-intricate domain of aesthetics, stating, "I want this to be a friendly space. Whether you're a doctor or just curious about aesthetics, there's something here for you."


PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 23rd Nov 2023

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