Eliminating downtime from in-clinic treatments

Published 05th Mar 2024 by PB Admin

All too often, the fear of recovery time prevents patients from saying yes to the procedures they really want. Managing the clash of demanding schedules, or having to put life on hold to accomodate healing, creates continual barriers to treatment.

The Lyma Laser Pro has the power to significantly downgrade downtime and revolutionise recovery. Featuring three polarised, coherent, and monochromatic near-infrared 500mW laser beams, the device is capable of rebuilding even the most fragile, post-operative skin from the base layers up. The Lyma Laser Pro accelerates the healing process with no heat, no pain, and zero damage.

Why is the Lyma Laser Pro the ideal technology to add to your clinic offering?

1. Addresses various concerns with one device: wrinkles, skin tightening, cellulite, pigmentation, muscular discomfort, post-surgical healing, redness, and scarring
2. Penetrates 10 cm into the skin without losing any biological healing power to the dermis, muscle, fat, and bone tissue
3. Engineered to deliver a new category of in-clinic laser power, it has 12x more biological penetration (in the dermis) than in-clinic LED, and 4x more near-infrared healing power than the leading in-clinic Low Level Laser Technology
4. Low-level laser therapy acts as an epigenetic switch, enhancing gene expression, unilaterally instructing skin to repair and regenerate
5. Perfectly designed for post-operative skin, the anti-inflammatory action of the Laser PRO accelerates skin healing, calms redness, reduces swelling and fades bruising faster than ever before.

With the Lyma Laser Pro, a new era of skin transformation has officially begun.

This is a sponsored story in association with Lyma.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 05th Mar 2024

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