How to boost vitality, reduce stress, and enhance sleep

Published 10th Jul 2024 by Admin

A new Vitality, Stress, Sleep study by French brand LPG Group has demonstrated that a new, specially designed protocol has a positive impact on overall mental, and emotional health and well-being.

Since 1986, LPG Group and its device-based cellular stimulation endermologie treatments have been pioneers in the health, beauty, and well-being industry. Endermologie's mechanical tissue manipulation has the unique ability to grip the body as if it were a human hand while delivering a pain-free massage that penetrates the body tissue at a much deeper and effective level than physical massage can.

The brand is now charting the evolution of modern health concerns by tackling topics such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, natural defences and women’s health issues, and their latest research has shown its impressive potential.

The new endermologie protocol: Vitality, Stress and Sleep (VSS)

In a five-week placebo-controlled clinical trial, the participants, who struggled with moderate levels of stress and problems sleeping, had two 40-minute sessions of endermologie® a week, using the new protocol designed to give a wellness boost.

Key findings after 10 sessions of 40-minute endermologie


  • An increase of +9.4% in white blood cells that help fight infections and increase natural defences.
  • Positive effect on cognitive function: accuracy increased significantly by 2.5% and concentration by 6%. 


  • Levels of cortisol were 44.6% lower than before the trial (After a single session cortisol was already reduced by 19%).
  • Levels of anxiety and depression were reduced by more than half (-50.9%).
  • Muscular pain was reduced by -69%.
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV) increased by +76.6%.After a single session cortisol was reduced by 19%.


  • Insomnia-related sleep disorders were reduced by 54.7%.
  • Results showed improved sleep quality implying a better overall recovery of the body.


Professor Christophe Hausswirth, the trial’s independent clinical research director, comments:

“This latest trial demonstrates endermologie’s potential role in mental, as well as physical health, and cements LPG’s authority in the holistic wellness space. commented the trial's independent clinical research director, Professor Christophe HausswirthIt demonstrates, without a doubt, endermologie’s effectiveness as a treatment for modern health concerns. Also, by experiencing this protocol before any beauty protocol, the effect is enhanced, as it reduces the cortisol level, making the human body release localised resistant fat in a more effective way.”

The new protocol is available now. For more information the Vitality, Stress and Sleep clinical trial, or to experience endermologie:

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Impact of a multisession programme with endermologie: “Effects on cognitive performance, sleep quality, stress levels and immunity in stressed individuals.” Study Report beScored Institute, 2023. 

This is a sponsored story in association with LPG. 



Published 10th Jul 2024

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