One in three men don’t like their photo being taken due to skin concerns

Published 08th Jul 2024 by Anna Dobbie

A new survey has found that 28% of men say their skin concerns affect their mental health.

Following a recent study showing why men’s treatments are on the up, practitioners gave their thoughts on what they’ve been seeing in clinic and their thoughts on men’s treatments.

“I definitely have seen an increase in men opting for treatments,” says Dr Raquel Amado, aesthetics practitioner at Skin and Medical Cosmetics,  “The most popular treatments have been toxin, polynucleotides under the eyes and hair loss treatments however men are now starting to be more open about skin treatments and dermal fillers.”

Regional nurse trainer Charlotte Lundy at SK:N Clinics, emphasises that, "Skincare and treatments are not just for women," noting there has been increasing interest of men opting for treatments such as laser hair removal, HydraFacials, chemical peels, toxin and dermal fillers for enhanced definition particularly in their jawline and cheekbones. 

The recent survey carried out by laser brand Cynosure found that 28% of men say their skin concern affects their mental health and 33% of men don’t like their photo being taken due to skin concerns. Other factors that are thought to be affecting why more men are seeking treatments are:

  • Confidence and self-esteem: Men are more conscious about their appearance and how it affects their confidence
  • Professional appearance: A well-groomed look is often associated with professionalism and competence
  • Media influence: Social media and celebrity culture have made male grooming more mainstream
  • Photo-ready: The prevalence of social media and digital photography means men want to look their best in photos
  • Ageing: As men age, they seek treatments to maintain a youthful appearance 

What are men looking for from their treatments? Dr Amado says:

  • Natural look: Men generally prefer a subtle, natural look.
  • Maintenance: Focus on low-maintenance treatments that offer long-term benefits.
  • Specific concerns: Addressing issues like hair loss and signs of aging.
  • Simplicity: Men often opt for straightforward, uncomplicated treatments.

Lundy adds, “The change in society and the stigma around men having treatments has reduced – why shouldn’t men be able to take care of themselves and feel the benefits.” 

With skincare and treatments being more openly spoken about, the diminishing stigma surrounding men opting for facial enhancements has led to a notable rise in the number of men seeking and undergoing cosmetic procedures. Lundy concludes, "It’s important for treatments to be open to everyone, after all in the industry we want to give people confidence and increase self-esteem – treatments can help people on so many ways and give them that boost they have always been wanting.”


Anna Dobbie

Anna Dobbie

Published 08th Jul 2024


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