60% of young women say social media has made them paranoid about ageing

A survey by cosmetic surgery experts Flawless.org has shown that almost half (45%) of 13-24-year olds believe they are already showing signs of ageing with 60% saying social media had made them more paranoid about getting old. 

Sagging skin was the number one concerns with 25% of participants citing this as a worry. Changes to their breasts and wrinkles both received 22% of the vote while hair loss was the top fear for 15%. Only 16% had no concerns at all. 

When asked if they would consider getting work done, 48% of young adults said that they would. 

The survey was completed by 1,600 females from different parts of the world aged 13-24.  

The results showed that one of the main reasons that females have considered cosmetic surgery is stop signs of ageing from showing (33%) followed right behind by living up to society’s beauty standards (33%).