BAAPS urges caution in face of lockdown-related Zoom consultation boom

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) is urging the public to be cautious and vigilant after witnessing a “massive upswing” in demand for virtual consultations during lockdown. 

Despite predicted financial strains being felt across the country, cosmetic surgery patients have still been researching and looking for procedures during their time at home. In fact, there has been a universal surge in surgeons offering virtual consultations, with some BAAPS members seeing a staggering 60-70% rise.

While being able to communicate with patients and carry out consultations online has been a welcome addition to many surgeons’ practice, the association is urging the public to make sure their surgeon is bona fide and to be cautious, particularly when it comes to showing intimate parts of their body to a surgeon over a web cam. 

Dan Marsh consultant plastic surgeon and BAAPS Honorary Secretary says, “The issues that need to be discussed about virtual consultations include confidentiality, whether they are recorded and if there is a chaperone present for undressing to show intimate parts of the body. [Patients should] check the privacy and confidentiality statements on the website of the clinic or surgeon. The video consultation should be followed by a clinical examination face-to-face before planning any surgery. There also needs to be a 14-day cooling off period which can tie up with the 14 days self-isolation required currently.”

BAAPS Vice President & consultant plastic and hand surgeon Mary O'Brien adds, “Undressing on video to expose intimate parts of the body does not allow a proper clinical examination and perhaps should be avoided.” 

The association has also published guidance on the resumption of work after Covid-19 for its members.  

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