Hair transplants most searched-for surgery in the UK

Hair transplants are the most searched-for cosmetic surgery in the UK.

Research by, a non-commercial information website designed to offer unbiased advice on cosmetic procedures, found an average of 27,100 monthly Google searches for hair transplantation in the UK.

However, statistics from BAAPS referenced in the report showed that despite the perceived interest in the procedure, hair transplants were not among the top three surgeries performed in the UK in 2018. 

Liposuction and breast reduction are the second and third most searched for, with 27,000 and 22,200 average monthly searches respectively. 

Breast reduction did make BAAPS’ list as the second most popular procedure of 2018, with 4,299 surgeries performed in the UK.

Otoplasty or ear correction is the least searched-for, at only 1,600 average monthly searches. 

Across Europe, found liposuction the most searched-for procedure in France, while it sits jointly with rhinoplasty in Spain. Hair transplants are top of the list in Germany as in the UK, and rhinoplasty topped the list in Italy.

An upcoming reality TV show about cosmetic surgery is being branded "exploitative" and "controversial". 

Infographic Europe statistics on googled procedures