Sponsored News: How this Scottish clinic earned its reputation as a laser expert

Edinburgh-based clinic Face & Body Skin and Laser Clinic are experts in aesthetic medicine. Clinical director and founder Dr Victoria Dobbie has over 15 years’ experience in aesthetic medicine and has performed over 25,000 treatments. Stephanie Binikos, aesthetician at Face & Body, is highly skilled in laser hair removal, pigmentation, tattoo removal and IPL skin rejuvenation treatments.

What was it that inspired Face & Body Skin and Laser Clinic?

"We wanted to give excellent clinical outcomes and customer service, so we opened Face & Body ten years ago."

What Lynton Lasers equipment do you use at Face & Body?

"We have the Lynton Excelight IPL system and we have had it in our clinic for four years."

And are you happy with the clinical results you see?

"We have been really pleased with the results from the Excellight system. The support from Lynton has been exceptional, and I would highly recommend the company to anyone looking to purchase a laser.

"Investing in equipment isn’t just about the price. High quality equipment requires a lot of support because they do get damaged and you do need the extra training for your aestheticians. That’s a very important thing to think about before you purchase, and Lynton provide fantastic aftercare support and training."

Why did you choose Lynton as your aesthetic technology supplier?

"We chose Lynton because we were really impressed with the Excelight IPL system. We trialled Lynton and another IPL system for two weeks each and then we surveyed all of our customers. We surveyed them on how comfortable the experience was, and the aestheticians filled out part of the survey about which system they found easier to use.

"We had a look at the results of the three treatments and the clinical outcomes that the customers had. Lynton came out much better than the other system that we had tried. People found the other system more uncomfortable. From a customer point of view, Lynton was superior in all aspects. I thought that it was very good value for money and the support package around the system is expectational.

I also love the fact that it was manufactured in Britain."

What advice would you give to another clinic considering laser or IPL?

"If you are thinking of investing in a piece of equipment like a laser, it can be a confusing market and you might wonder where to start. The Lynton Excelight is a good system to start with because you can offer a range of different treatments such as hair removal, pigmentation, rosacea and redness.

"These are your three main indications when your operating a laser clinic and you will achieve excellent results with the Excelight."

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