Unlocking the importance of scalp health for hair growth

Published 12th Sep 2023 by PB Admin

At a time when self-care takes centre stage, the importance of scalp health has never been more relevant. Hair isn't just a reflection of our style, but also overall well-being. To promote vibrant hair growth, the scalp needs to be looked after.

Like the skin, the scalp is subject to biological changes and external stressors. These include wear and tear from styling, exposure to heat, chemical treatments, UV damage, and environmental pollution. Internal stressors related to physical and emotional health can also play a role. These stressors trigger intricate processes within the body, involving hormones, microbial populations, and free radical activity. Ultimately, these processes can disrupt the balance of the scalp's microbiome, making it more susceptible to irritation.

Hydrafacial has developed Keravive, designed by global skin health experts, to tap into this treatment opportunity. 

Why choose Keravive?

Keravive is a professional scalp treatment solution that supercharges natural hair growth. The non-invasive, three-step treatment purifies, nourishes, and boosts the scalp to promote healthier, fuller hair growth, delivering real, transformative results.  The protocol is suitable for all hair types and can be personalised to target areas prone to hair loss and thinning, often associated with ageing, stress, postpartum, or menopause.

Step 1: Purify

Using exfoliating solutions, the unique handpiece utilises Vortex-Fusion technology to remove debris, oil, and product build-up from the scalp surface via gentle suction. The technique involves applying short strokes on the area of concern, either the frontal, crown, or hairline to stimulate the scalp and hair follicles. This step helps to create a clean and healthy environment for hair growth.

Step 2: Nourish

Using the same technique, a proprietary, concentrated blend of peptides and rejuvenating growth factors including niacinamide, vitamin B5, and arginine, is applied to the scalp. The ingredients work together to replenish moisture and hydration, to better support the skin barrier. Optional extras to personalise the treatment include scalp stimulating massage and Red LED Light Therapy.

Step 3: Boost  

After the in-clinic treatment, a take-home Keravive spray is applied and massaged into the area of concern. The spray involves a nourishing peptide complex to deliver essential nutrients to the scalp and hair follicles and continues to promote hair growth.

Keravive leverages the same trusted technology that has made Hydrafacial so successful. In trials, 75% of patients saw improved hair fullness and 82% of participants saw shiner, healthier hair by their third visit.  

For more information on Keravive by Hydrafacial or to arrange a consultation with a Hydrafacial representative, please visit: hydrafacial.co.uk

This is a sponsored story in association with Hydrafacial

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 12th Sep 2023

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