75% of British women worry about hair loss

Published 10th Jun 2022 by PB Admin
75% of British women worry about hair loss

A survey conducted by hair and scalp specialists Philip Kingsley, has found that three quarters (75%) of British women are worried about suffering from hair loss or thinning in the future, with a huge 42% of women currently experiencing hair loss or thinning.

When looking at different parts of Britain, women from London suffer the most with 77% of women experiencing hair loss in the region.

The research also highlighted the effects of hair loss on self-esteem, with over half of British women (52%) saying that they feel self-conscious about their hair loss, alongside feeling less confident (42%), embarrassed (35%) and less feminine (31%).  

90% also admitted that they think about hair loss at least a few times a day, showing the huge impact that this has on women’s daily lives. As well as this, 40% of women said that their hair loss or thinning makes them feel less confident to go out to social events with friends.

The majority of women believe that stress plays a huge role in their hair loss and thinning with almost three quarters (73%), saying that they feel their stress is giving them thinner locks.  33% also believed that hair dye was a contributing factor to hair loss and 23% think that ingredients in their shampoo play a part too.

Brand president Philip Kingsley said, “Women are on the grip of a hair loss pandemic. Hair loss in women has always been a common problem. But the problems have been exasperated over the past few years because of immense psychological and physical stressors including Covid-19, the modern-day pressures experienced by women, women not having time to prioritise self-care and women not having their health prioritised by others.”

Separate research in December showed that "hair transplant" was the most sought-after cosmetic surgery in the UK of 2021, with 35,000 average monthly Google searches.

When it comes to taking control of hair loss and preserving the hair you have, trichologist Anabel Kingsley says that speaking up and seeking help is a must and that women shouldn’t dismiss their hair concerns as ‘vain’ because hair is a huge part of our identity.

Eating a balanced colourful diet, rich in energy, proteins, healthy fats, vitamin B12, zinc and iron helps ensure that your hair is getting all of the nutrients it needs to grow to the best of its ability.

Scalp care also plays a vital role in hair growth, using topical products to help stimulate and protect the scalp from both internal and external aggressors can help reduce hair loss.

Hair restoration treatments are a hugely growing part of the aesthetic medicine industry. Find out who won and who made the finals in our Hair Restoration Clinic of the Year Award at the Aesthetic Medicine Awards 2022

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 10th Jun 2022

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