Hair transplant UK’s most searched-for procedure in 2021

Published 24th Dec 2021 by PB Admin
Hair transplant UK’s most searched-for procedure in 2021

Hair transplant was the most sought-after cosmetic surgery in the UK of 2021, with 35,000 average monthly Google searches, a new analysis has shown.

The study, conducted by Longevita, analysed Google search data to establish which cosmetic procedure UK consumers searched for the most online in 2021.

It showed the term “hair transplant” was searched the most with 35,000 combined average monthly searches, followed by “rhinoplasty” which averaged 31,000 searches a month. 

The third most searched-for surgical procedure was “liposuction” (30,000 searches), while “tummy tuck” came in fourth (19,700 searches) and “labiaplasty” was fifth with 11,000 – a 6% increase in popularity from 2020. 

The full top 10 list of the UK’s most popular cosmetic procedures in 2021 is as follows:

  • Hair transplant – 35,000 searches
  • Rhinoplasty – 31,000 
  • Liposuction – 30,000
  • Tummy tuck – 19,700
  • Labiaplasty – 11,000
  • Breast reduction – 5,200
  • Breast augmentation – 4,300
  • Eyelid surgery – 3,900
  • Facelift – 3,800
  • Breast enlargement – 3,600


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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 24th Dec 2021

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