Online searches for chemical peels at an all-time high

Chemical peels are experiencing a surge in popularity, with the search term reaching its peak online.   

Omniya Clinic in London analysed UK Google search data before and since the start of the pandemic and found that searches for “home chemical peels” have soared by 200% since before coronavirus took hold in the UK, as beauty consumers looked for ways to boost their skin at home while clinics and beauty salons were closed. 

Google defines a search term reaching its "peak" as occuring when more people are searching for it than ever before.

Retail skincare brand The Ordinary, famous for its scientific, efficacious formulas in simple packaging at extremely low price points, experienced a 300% increases in Google searches for its home chemical peeling product. 

Omniya also looked at the related search terms when users looked up chemical peels. Large numbers of these consumers were also searching for guidance on “hyperpigmentation”, “ageing”, “exfoliation”, “acne” and “mask-wearing”.

KerryLou Herbert, an aesthetician at Omniya Clinic, reminded fellow aesthetic practitioners to communicate the risks of home peeling to patients. She said, “Skin type is a big factor in considering which chemical peel to choose as this can increase the risk of post-inflammatory pigmentation.” 

In January, peels were revealed to be among the two most popular non-invasive treatments in the UK.