Rhinoplasty most searched-for cosmetic surgery in Europe

Queries relating to “rhinoplasty” were the most popular cosmetic surgery search term in Europe in the last 12 months. 

A report by money.co.uk into the most “Googled” cosmetic surgeries revealed 34,410 monthly unique searches for “rhinoplasty” over the past year, while “boob job” was the second most searched-for procedure, with 28,690 searches per month. 

"Nose job” made the top 10 separately from “rhinoplasty”, with over 19,000 searches individually.

“Penis enlargement” had over 24,450 unique searches across Europe, most of which came from the UK, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. 

Next was “Brazilian butt lift”, with over 23,000 searches, followed by “brow lift” (over 20,000), nose job (over 19,000), “labiaplasty” (over 15,000), “blepharoplasty” (over 12,000), “breast augmentation” (over 10,000); and “breast lift” (over 8,000). 

The UK had the highest search volume for both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures of all countries that were looked into. 

It was also found to be the second most expensive country to have a surgical treatment after Switzerland, where it costs on average £4,994 for a rhinoplasty, and £3,576 in the UK. 

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