Unlocking the potential of topical dissolved oxygen

Published 27th Feb 2024 by PB Admin

Topical dissolved oxygen is reshaping the landscape of skin treatments, offering a new frontier in rejuvenation and regeneration.

How does Topical dissolved oxygen work throughout treatments? 

Topical dissolved oxygen involves delivering oxygen directly to the skin's surface and deeper layers through creams, serums, or specialised treatments. This targeted approach aims to enhance the skin's natural oxygenation process, distinct from the oxygenation that occurs through blood circulation. By providing an extra boost of oxygen, these treatments amplify the skin's ability to thrive and regenerate. 

Multifaceted benefits  

  • Enhanced cell metabolism and turnover:

Oxygen fuels cellular metabolism, driving the regeneration and turnover of skin cells. With increased oxygen availability through topical treatments, the skin experiences accelerated renewal, leading to a fresher, more vibrant complexion.

  • Collagen and elastin synthesis:

Crucial for maintaining skin elasticity and firmness, collagen and elastin synthesis rely on oxygen. Topical dissolved oxygen stimulates the production of these vital proteins, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and promoting a smoother, more youthful skin texture.

  • Antimicrobial effects:

Oxygen-rich environments are hostile to many anaerobic bacteria, making topical dissolved oxygen an effective ally in combating microbial agents. This antimicrobial action can aid in treating and preventing skin infections and acne, promoting clearer, healthier skin.

  • Anti-inflammatory properties:

Inflammation is a common concern in skin health, but oxygen exhibits potent anti-inflammatory properties. By soothing irritation and calming inflamed skin, topical dissolved oxygen offers relief for conditions like eczema and psoriasis, fostering a healthier skin barrier.

  • Improved wound healing:

Adequate oxygenation is essential for optimal wound healing. Topical dissolved oxygen accelerates the repair process, aiding in the recovery of skin wounds, burns, and ulcers by supplying the necessary oxygen for tissue regeneration.

  • Adjunctive treatment in skin procedures:

Integrating topical oxygen as an adjunctive treatment enhances the outcomes of various dermatological procedures. From reducing downtime to improving healing following skin resurfacing treatments and chemical peels, oxygen therapy elevates the standard of care in aesthetic practices.

  • Therapeutic aid for ageing skin:

As the skin ages, maintaining optimal oxygen levels becomes increasingly vital. Topical dissolved oxygen fortifies ageing skin, preserving its vitality and resilience, and helping to defy the visible signs of ageing for a more youthful complexion. 

Crystal Clear's innovative approach: Skinstorm

Skinstorm by Crystal Clear, presents a trailblazing advancement in topical dissolved oxygen treatments. Embracing a layered approach to skin rejuvenation, Skinstorm revolutionises the possibilities for treatments by creating a super de-stressed skin and allowing for multiple treatments to be delivered at one time. Utilising an internal Peltier system, this cutting-edge therapy delivers oxygen to the skin at super cooled temperatures, optimising its absorption and efficacy, to ultimately provide better visible results for a comprehensive range of skin concerns. 

Leading plastic surgeon, Mr Andrea Marando of Star Clinic Manchester confirms the importance of being able to target the different signs of ageing on the face before you need to go ahead and have surgery. “Skinstorm has become an essential tool to introduce into my practice,” says Mr Marando. “I have struggled for 20 years to find the right approach and, thanks to the technology of the topical dissolvable oxygen, I have found that this was the missing link to improve the foundation of the skin.”

Book your Skinstorm demonstration with Crystal Clear by visiting crystalclear.co.uk or contact [email protected].

This is a sponsored story in association with Crystal Clear.


PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 27th Feb 2024

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