Why exfoliation is essential for all skin types

Published 08th Mar 2024 by PB Admin

Adult skin that's not regularly exfoliated may experience acne and more rapid visible ageing. Aesthetician Eavanna Breen outlines how to actively exfoliate and retexture skin, including for patients with sensitive skin. 

“I encourage all of my patients to exfoliate their skin, and educate them that under exfoliated skin can accumulate dead skin cells”, says Breen, founder of Eavanna Breen Skin and Laser Clinic in Dublin. “Resilient skin types can opt for chemical exfoliation, on dry skin. However, those with sensitive skin require careful management.”

Breen recommends adjusting the levels of exfoliation aggression using water.

“This is key to opening up patient’s pores and preparing the skin for cleaning. Sensitive skin needs gentle products with ingredients that reduce redness and inflammation. Use less aggressive in-clinic treatments to prevent dermatitis and redness.

“For anyone with sensitive skin, it’s important to be careful using retinol, and finding a way to make this super ingredient work for each patient individually. Retinols are helpful in increasing cell turnover for improved barrier function – which is vital for those with sensitive skin.”

There are two types of exfoliation, Breen explains. “Physical exfoliators, like beads, blades or buffers, which physically remove the dead skin cell whilst chemical exfoliators, often liquids, loosen the bonds that keep dead skin cells attached and can even get inside the pores too.”

For morning exfoliation, Breen suggests chemical exfoliation, and uses a combination of lactic acid and salicylic acid for those with sensitive skin. “This will brighten the skin and exfoliate pores.”

In the evening, Breen recommends a mechanical exfoliant as an alternative option. “Mechanical products contain tiny granules or beads that slough dead skin away. For patients with sensitive skin that requires a gentle and less abrasive product, or simple want an instant deep-cleansed effect, this kind of scrub can have a place in their routine.”

AlumierMD’s MicroDerm Polish is suitable for most skin types, including sensitive and skin prone to redness, and oily and acne prone skin”, Breen Breen explains. “Importantly, it is possible to match your patient’s tolerance with the suitable intensity of exfoliation.”

“Using mechanical exfoliation in addition to chemical exfoliation can help enhance the overall outcome, and further resurface the skin, as it removes dead skin cells first, so that the acids have better contact with the skin.”

AlumierMD aspires to instil confidence in everyone, by providing effective and innovative solutions that resonate with each person’s unique skin, guided through the expertise of professionals.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 08th Mar 2024

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