Four red flags to watch out for in the aesthetics sector

Published 04th Jul 2024 by Anna Dobbie

SE1 Medical Aesthetics managing director Emma Costello looks at what can be done to improve the aesthetics sector for everyone.

"To our patients, through our aesthetic injectable skill-set, as expert healthcare practitioners providing non-surgical cosmetic treatments, we provide you a journey to improve your confidence, self-worth and empowerment..." But are aesthetic practitioners looking after each other equally?"

SE1 Medical Aesthetics managing director Emma Costello gives her top four red flags to look out for in the aesthetics sector.
1. Top-level aesthetic medicine marketing experts saying "staff" instead of "team members". How are you ever going to encourage engagement for team member growth or empowerment, if you label fellow humans as your "staff"?

 2. Contracts that state a doctor working at one clinic cannot treat a patient who has previously been treated at another clinic, even if the patient was not treated by the doctor in question, but by another team member. What happened to the patient's freedom of choice? 

3. KOLS featured in several glossy magazines, referring to patients as "clients". You studied for all these years to be able to treat patients, and now you refer to them in the same way as non-medics do? 

 4. Please stop turning up late or going MIA. Recently I attended a skincare training day, where eight out of 15 made their excuses on the morning of the event. Grim, but it seems to be the new normal. Let's start respecting each other, please. 

Do you agree with Costello's red flags? Do you have any to add? Let us know at [email protected].

Anna Dobbie

Anna Dobbie

Published 04th Jul 2024


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